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UK Quick Start Guide – HS-M701-4GB
Thank you for purchasing a Hip Street eReader and we hope you enjoy using it
Please visit our website at www.hipstreetonline.com. We have a Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ section where you will find answers to most of your questions. If you do not find an answer
there, please use the option to contact our technical support department and kindly send us an
email detailing your question and we will get back to you promptly.
Kindly read and retain all the operating instructions before operating the unit. We cannot
assume any liability that may arise out of improper operation or incidental/accidental
The contents of this user manual are subject to change based on newer developments.
Customer and Technical Support: 1-888-456-2426
Monday through Friday: 8:30 am 5:00 pm EST
Note: We recommend that you fully charge your Hip Street eReader before using it for
the first time. Using it right out of the box will not hurt it but the battery will not be fully
charged so you will have reduced operating time.
Either: a) Insert the small plug end of the AC Adapter provided into the jack on the bottom of the
unit, marked on the back as “DC” and then plug the other end into an electrical outlet OR b)
Insert the USB mini plug on the USB cable provided into the mini jack on the bottom of the
eReader and plug the large end into a USB port on a computer that is turned on. Charge the
unit for at least 3-4 hours.
For additional information on using your eReader please refer to the Instruction Book
Power On/Off
Slide Power Switch on bottom to the left (ON position). Press and hold the ( ) button for 5
seconds or until the device turns On or Off (Welcome or Goodbye screens). The Main Menu will
then appear.
Navigating the Main Menu screen
This is a touch screen display. Simply touch the function icon you wish to select..
Set Date and Time
Touch the Settings icon and then touch the TIME option. To set the time - touch the number
you wish to change and then touch the number in the list below. The orange highlighted number
will change as selected. Repeat to change any of the other time numbers.
To change the date, touch the number you wish to change and then touch the desired number
from the list below. Repeat to change any of the other date numbers.
Note: You must save the changes by touching the YES rectangle in the lower left corner.
Reminder: Before disconnecting eReader from computer left-click on the Safely Remove
Hardware icon on the lower in the lower right taskbar and select the eReader drive to be
removed. Unplug when message to safely remove appears.

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